Darlie Routier

If you don’t know the case of Texas mother and wife Darlie Routier then your probably new to the wrongful conviction crowd. I myself have known about Darlie since I was a little kid an her case made national news. Darlie was convicted in 1996 for the murder of two of her sons. Supporters of Darlie believe this in large part due to Texas police corruption, lack of police investigation into other possibilities, and the placement of the the silly string video which as a parent I cannot say I would not do.

As I became a pen pal, and eventually became an advocate for women in prison, I knew I had to reach out to Darlie. As I child I remember telling my mom I don’t think she commuted this crime. I remember my mother and I talking about the chances that in Texas she would get treated fairly. So I knew that with put looking at the evidence online in my heart she was innocent. I could not have been more right!

Before reaching out to Darlie as a pen pal I knew I needed to know more about the case. I started at a site run by Darlie’s mother. I then moved to watching every video clip I could on the case. Then I decided to write.

I knew that it was possible I didn’t hear back from Darlie, because let’s face it as many of us that are trying to do good out there with our pen pals, and people we want to stand for. There are just as many groupies, and people just trying to make a name for themselves. So I waited patiently and worked on other cases.

When I got my first letter from Darlie I was even more sure she did not commit this crime. A selfish person who kills their own children, does not care about others. This woman was humble and honest and so open. She was gracious and too torn up about losing her sons to have been the one to take their life.

As time went on I decided writing to Darlie was not enough. I tried to come up with ways to get her name back out there. I got in contact with other advocates, people who knew the system. I became closer with Darlie’s family and tried to formulate plans to help. We helped start justice not politics which would help being attention to her case, along with thousands of others around the country. We started new websites dedicated to showing the real evidence and networked with countless others. We wrote letters to The DA In Texas all sorts of things.

Darlie remains on Death row waiting for the DNA that was found at the scene to be tested. Darlie sits in prison away from her only living child, unable to hold him unable to touch him or call him because the state of Texas don’t want to do their job. It was easier to paint a mother as a monster then actually admit they let a trail run cold.

Because of this case, I became someone who stands up to what they believe not matter what others say! Because of this case I have seen how the system is broken an I have vowed to help change it.

This is one of many cases that helped to change my life. I hope just this little history will make you look into how you can help, an what you can do to learn more about this case! Not everyone in prison is there because they are actually guilty. Many are but many are not!

Ill bring more info about other cases I support. If your interested in how you can help Darlie Routier please send me a comment or a message!


7 thoughts on “Darlie Routier

  1. Hey I too believe Darlie Routier is innocent, I started watching crime shows when i was younger, i remember wanting to be a forensic scientist growing up..well i grew up and somewhat forgot but always still watched crime shows. I started realizing innocent people are in jail when i heard the amanda knox case, i remember arguing with friends and family members about her innocence and thank god today shes free. I heard of the darlie routier case a decade ago, and always had a feeling she was innocent. Well about a year ago i saw her case potrayed on the show deadly women and i was floored at how biased it was and how it made her look guilty, so i googled and reviewed all the evidence..i’m disgusted, at the prosecutor and the state itself…it always seems when a prosecutor puts an innocent person in jail, even when evidence suggests otherwise that comes up, they still refute it…its disgusting…i dont know how he sleeps at night. I wanted to ask you, if theres any new evidence being tested that will be soon released to show darlies innocence? please i dont have any connections, but if you do please keep it in the media have a story written in the paper…go on nancy grace or something, i mean c’mon, this woman was almost killed, it wasnt just superficial wounds like the prosecutor wants you to think. Please advocate maybe you can get someone rich to donate for more testing…and the supposed fingerprint they said was smudged…wasnt it proved not to be smudged and it belongs to no one or is that a rumor? please if you can respond..id love to write darlie…im sorry, i pray for her everynite

    • Right now the Family and Friends of Darlie are asking for a few different things, that could help! I will let you know what those are!

      Yes there us evidence that was collected at the time and never tested. There is a finger print in blood that does not belong to anyone in the family, Police dept, and ER response teams. There is DNA evidence that will help the case be proven and in fact this is why Darlie today sits with No Date of Execution. The State of Texas has approved DNA testing of items, however like that of the West Memphis 3 ALL DNA must be for after conviction by the convicted persons council. We also asked that the Defense have their own DNA scientist present when ALL testing is done. This however also would only be provided at the Defenses Expense. While Darlie and her time have fought hard to get to this place it has been 15+ years this woman has sat on Death row. The Expense has grown and the family has no more financial Resource left. Darlie and her attorneys had been trying to handle this action on their own, and privately however it has become time where they need help more then ever!

      Things that can be done-
      Go to or you can also go to a site ran by Darlie’s to get more updated info and other things that can help you under stand the case.

      You can write a letter in support of Darlie Routier and ask that the State of Texas DA and ask they look into the mater of a false conviction. You can also write that same letter to the State of Texas Parole Bored asking for a pardon based on the evidence that was not presented.

      We need people to write to and ask them to contact Darlie Routier In Texas or her legal council. Explain that in 2012 Texas Ordered DNA testing and funding has become an issue. Send them the link to her mothers web page.

      and here is

  2. The state of Texas does not care about whether or not a person is guilty of murder as long as someone is executed for the murder. A man named Willingham was executed even though the police officer in charge of the case found out that he was innocent and that the evidence presented by the state’s forensic expert was inaccurate. This police officer went to the family and told his mother and father that he was innocent, and there was nothing she could do to stop the execution. The judges and the governor allowed the execution of an innocent person to proceed. If anyone in Texas expects justice rather than revenge on someone from their legal system, you are a fool. I would never visit this state with such a poor legal system. No one gets a fair trial. If you are arrested in Texas you are presumed guilty from the start.

  3. im quite certain she is innocent, i thought all along it was alot of hogwash and a witch hunt by a bunch of idiots. sorry but i get so worked up thinking about her sitting there on death row, all alone, with so little rights when she’s innocent. i think of little Drake having to grow up without his mommy and with his 2 brothers murdered, and the person that did it out there walking around free. our legal system is so very wrong. then it makes u just wonder how many others are sitting there innocent? and Texas could apparently care less. time for Texas to vote new people in offices and demand a change. i have been emailing Rick Perry about this case.

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